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Try this funny little Schopenhauer game Adam Pugsley
Jan 3, 2023 philosophy
I found this funny little RPG Maker game called The Life of Arthur. In it, you play as the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. You solve a few puzzles
The joys of active reading Adam Pugsley
Nov 7, 2022 philosophy & bibliophilia
Reading is one of life’s great joys. Discovering a new book that speaks to you feels like a moment of insight into the nature of universe itself,
Wisdom and revolt: E.M. Cioran on the impossibility of Taoism Adam Pugsley
Aug 22, 2022 philosophy
The only minds which seduce us are the minds which have destroyed themselves trying to give their lives a meaning. These are the words of the
Improving the quality of experience Adam Pugsley
Mar 7, 2022 philosophy
Consciousness is our most precious gift, and simultaneously the source of our worst suffering. Subjectivity is the most salient feature of our